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Venice Differential Repair/Replacement

Differential repair and replacement

The differential in your car, truck, or RV is one of the most complicated mechanical devices in your vehicle. The differential's task is to account and compensate for the variable rotation speeds of all four of your tires.

The differential does this by compensating for the slower moving tires in order to keep you moving even when your tires are rotating at different speeds (which is, more often than not, the case).

When cornering, the inner tires travel a shorter distance than the outer wheel; with no differential, the result is that the inner wheel would spin too much or the outer wheel would drag, which would result in difficult and unpredictable handling, damage to tires and roads, and strain on (or possible failure of) the entire drive train.

Remember, the differential needs lubricant and lubricant changes. All lubricants need to be changed out every now and then, and your differential lubricant is no different. Differential lubricant is needed to prevent friction. It happens to be one of the most important places on your car for lubricant due to the constant friction involved in its operation.

We not only change out your differential fluids, but we take care of the gasket at the same time to help prevent leaks and to give your vehicle’s differential system every advantage it can get so that your gears don’t lock up.

If you live in or are visiting Venice and need differential replacement, repair, or a lube change, call Rolling Auto Service, the only auto shop in Venice that comes to you and doesn't disrupt your day!

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