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Our mobile auto repair service is not just as good as a traditional auto shop... it's better. It is better because we perform all the services they do, but we do it on your turf, wherever your vehicle is parked or broken down. Whatever auto service you need, we can do it. Not only that, but we offer coupons and discounts on every one of our services. See why we're Venice's #1 mobile auto service.

Anti-lock braking systems, or ABS, are an automated braking system that actually replicates a braking technique perfected by previous generations of automobile drivers. Read more.

Air conditioning is perhaps the most important comfort in a car, truck, or RV, especially here in Florida where the weather is hot for most of the year. Read more.

The alternator might be to blame if your car won't start up. Read more.

Auto electric service encompasses all the electrical components of a vehicle, including the lights, power windows, radio, and other such amenities. Read more.

The axle of your car, truck, or RV is the part of your vehicle that rotates the wheels. Read more.

Car batteries last a long while, but, occasionally, it really does die and will need to be replaced. Read more.

The brake pads (or shoes) of your braking system wear out eventually; if you think yours might be worn down, we can help you replace them. Read more.

The brake calipers are an important part of your vehicle's braking system; if they are damaged in anyway, you ought to get them looked at for your safety. Read more.

The clutch is part of the transmission system; even if you have an automatic transmission, you have a clutch. Read more.

The differential is a complex mechanical component of your vehicle that assists in the control of your car or truck by compensating for slower turning wheels when you turn or bank. Read more.

If your check engine light is on, you need to find out what is wrong. A qualified mechanic, with the right tools, can intrepret the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) from your onboard computer to find out what the problem is. Read more.

An engine overhaul describes a service whereby an engine is completely dismantled, cleaned, and where faulty parts are replaced, and then the whole engine is put back together and reinstalled. This operation can revitalize an older vehicle. Read more.

If you have an exhaust fluid leak, it is to your benefit to get it repaired, as it could hinder your ability to pass a state inspection. Read more.

The fuel filter of your vehicle is what keeps sediments from the gasoline from entering your engine compartment and causing damage; it can become blocked, however, and choke off the fuel supply, which will render your car unable to start or operate. Read more.

The fuel injection system in your car or truck gives your engine the right fuel to air ratio when gasoline is entering the engine. If the ratio is off or the fuel injector becomes blocked, the engine will not work properly. Read more.

The fuel pump is what actually moves the gasoline from the fuel tank to your engine; if it is not working properly, fuel will not be delivered. Read more.

Scheduled vehicle maintenance is an important task that cannot be overlooked. If you regularly get maintenance done, your vehicle will last longer and operate more efficiently. Read more.

The motor mount is what secures your engine in place. It can become cracked, which will present a dangerous hazard. Read more.

The radiator is what disperses and redirects heat in your engine compartment to prevent overheating. Read more.

The starter is what allows your engine to turn over when you turn the key. If your engine will not start, the starter is a prime suspect. Read more.

The suspension system of your car or truck is what gives you a smooth ride, even over rough terrain; the shocks and struts are the main components of the system. Read more.

The timing belt regulates the order in which the pistons fire. If is off rhythm, your engine could experience stalling. Read more.

The transmission system in your vehicle is what controls the gears that allow you to go certain speeds. Read more.

A tune-up can help your car or truck last longer and get better efficiency. Read more.

Wheel cylinders are part of your braking system. There is one for each wheel and they are controlled by the master cylinder. Their job is to apply pressure to the brake pads and drums to stop your car, truck, or RV. Read more.

Remember, I perform every auto repair service you can think of in Venice. Whatever auto repair service you require, I can do it at your hom or business. Think of the convenience I offer: auto repair service wherever you need it!

I also offer mobile mechanic service in North Port, FL, Osprey, Nokomis, and Englewood.

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Auto Repair Services in Venice


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